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SOWETO. Once a dirty mining township, it emerged as the heart of political resistance in South Africa and gave birth to the Freedom Charter. But this rich history is just a part of what is today a vibrant city that never sleeps.

Having undergone massive development over the past decades, Soweto now boasts eateries, nightclubs and a four-star hotel alongside its traditional venues. It is the heart and soul of Johannesburg – a multicultural metropolis where all 11 official languages are spoken.

Now you can experience Soweto from a local’s perspective – travel the back streets, explore famous neighbourhoods and enjoy local delicacies.


Soweto Outdoor Adventures has built a trusted relationship within the community as we empower local businesses and support the community in which we operate. Using this win-win relationship, we are able to give outsiders a unique view into the real Soweto and our visitors experience a truly exceptional grassroots tour of South Africa’s most popular township turned city.

Become an insider and experience the real Soweto with our unique tours!

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